Electric Hedge Trimmer

GE-EH 6056; EX; ARG

Item number 3403754
  • Two-hand safety switch with cutter stop < 1 sec.
  • Double-bladed safety cutters made of laser-cut steel
  • Metal gearing for long life
  • Additional handle for optimized ergonomics
  • Rear handle can be turned through 90° and 180°
  • Large hand guard
  • Aluminium cover over cutters
  • Removable shock guard with hole for wall mounting
  • Sturdy cutter guard for storage and transportation
  • Cuttings collector can be fitted to both sides
  • Cable strain-relief clip


Facts, figures and information for Electric Hedge Trimmer GE-EH 6056; EX; ARG: here you will find detailed technical data, as well as specific information on dimensions, weight and packaging of this Einhell product.

Technical data
Mains supply230 V | 50 Hz
Power600 W
Idle speed1600 min^-1
Cutting length52 cm
Sword length56 cm
Spacing between teeth25 mm
Cuts per minute3200 min^-1
Logistical data
Length1175 mm
Width200 mm
Height222 mm
Gross weight single packaging4.5 kg
Product weight3.9 kg
Product description
The GE-EH 6056 electric hedge trimmer is a high-quality, powerful and reliable tool which meets the highest requirements for trimming hedges, shrubs and bushes. For optimum power transmission there is a robust metal gearing. The counter-rotating double-bladed safety cutters are made of laser-cut and precision-milled steel and achieve outstanding cutting results. For flexible handling, the rear handle can be swiveled through 90° and 180°. An additional handle provides high user-friendliness. The GE-EH 6056 is equipped with a two-hand safety switch with mechanical cutter stop, which brings the cutters to a standstill in less than 1 second when a switch is released. For additional safety there is a large hand guard. The cutters are protected by an aluminium cover. A stress-relief clip protects the power cable from damage. The cuttings collector can be fitted to both sides for user-friendly collection and removal of the cuttings. There is a sturdy cutter guard for safe transportation. The removable shock guard has a hole for wall mounting and enables the GE-EH 6056 to be stored away neatly in an instant.

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