Power Tools Accessory

Power Charger 12V

Item no.: 4512078 EAN: 4006825635621
  • Longer battery life thanks to situation-specific charging cycles
  • Maximum safety due to intelligent charge management
  • Permanent battery monitoring for optimum charging
  • Up-to-the-moment information thanks to 5-stage charging system
  • User-friendly wall-mounting thanks to integr. suspension eyelets
Article description

The Einhell 12V charger is a technically adept tool accessory that ensures the corresponding batteries are always ready to use and guarantees their long life, making it an indispensable part of any entry-level toolbox. The 12V charger adapts the charging cycles to the specific situation, decisively prolonging the battery life. The intelligent charge management system using the very latest electronics ensures maximum safety. The batteries are permanently monitored by the 12V charger, ensuring an optimum, gentle charging process at all times. Up-to-the-minute information on the current charge status is provided by the 5-stage charging system. The integrated eyelets allow the 12V charger to be easily mounted on the wall for user-friendly access.

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